Fitted Bookcases in London such as HA7 Stanmore,HA8 Edgware,HA9 Wembley, Wembley Park, Wembley Central, Preston, Tokyngton, and Essex. Have you considered a low cost beautiful set of designer made to measure shelves to fill that alcove and wall? Fully qualified joiners and fitters are ready to help with your re-modernisation. Or perhaps you might like some hand crafted styled bookcases to set off that wall. Strong and elegant and great storage for your photos or plants or trophies. If your going to have some furniture fitted I suggest they are City and Guilds Time Served Qualified Carpenters and Joiners and I cover Romford, Essex, and London; For fully fitted furniture by time served qualified joiners fitting alcove cabinets with floating shelves and fitted bay window seats and bookcases and wardrobes and under stairs storage all with or without the fitted look contact me today. All at affordable prices. Lowest prices around. Best possible quality. 100 percent reliable.


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"It's true what I said. I simply found you on google and liked the pictures. I then called, you answered, and we discussed the work I had in mind. Now I have the most fantastic looking cube shelving, with builtin downlights. Thanks guys, you did a great job for us, in deepest Essex. Thanks Doug."

"Hello Mark, will you thank Steve for me? He did a lovely job on my pine shelving and base unit. Thanks again. Pat"

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Understairs storage and under eves/loft storage angled or sloping door tops The space under the stairs could be used as a closet, bathroom, shelves, storage, office or cloakroom, with or without a pull out system. It is often not used to its full potential, here are some examples of understairs pull out bespoke fitted systems. Using the extra space under an existing staircase could not be simpler. All is required is clearing out all the old internals, and the paneling on the side and tidiing up the edges etc. Then replacing the panelling with doors or pull out storage draws and uprights for internal shelves. Why not consider a tailor made, designed, manufactured and installed understair storage cupboard/cabinet or perhaps some understairs drawers or my specially made and fitted pull storage system? The perfect under stairs storage solution for anything from shoes; coats; hover; golf clubs; heavy items like weights or even a pull out office or media room. Many people are now realizing the potential uses of that space under the stairs and are even considering using this area as an understairs wine cellar. There are many options to chose from, with ideas for the finish and style being interchangable. With my build, design and strength and everything being made for a perfect fit, you can rest assured that once everything is installed, and with weight limits ranging from 90kg upto 180kg, that you will have made the right choice. Some questions I often get asked is how deep does the understairs cabinet have to go? Is my gas or electric meter is in the way? Do all the understairs units have to be the same depth? The answer is the depths can vary. And the depth you need may be very different from others and the depths can range from as little as 400mm upto 1100mm. Gas meters and electric meters, that are situated under the stairs mostly need access. I have found that these are mostly at one end of the understairs area. So they are all grouped together, and it is for this reason, that quite often one of the sections is left as a door with internal shelving, so that complete access is left for reading of meters. A bespoke understairs study for the hallway incorporating beautiful hand crafted fitted furniture can make a wonderful addition to any home. With some added features such as undershelf lighting and extra deep pull out storage or even pull down storage will elegantly hide all that paper work. Supply or supply and fit angled doors for fitting under the stairs or in the eves in the loft space can be really handy. The doors can be supplied painted or unpainted. Just measure the angle by taking note of the different heights along the base where you want the door to start and end. Having a pull out storage unit in the eves of the loft can be really handy way of storing items, leaving you with quick and easy access. Loft room angled doors available for that sloping roof. Making cupboards out of that hard to reach area under the eves or at those awkward corners no longer need to be a problem. I can supply or even supply and fit all you need, including pull out storage systems with weight capacitys of upto 180kg. Understairs prices range from the cheapest, that of having some sloping doors/angled doors made and sent out, costing 490.00 for 3 angled doors unpainted. Plus postage and packing/delivery, depending on location. Through to understairs draws with sloping tops to the draw fronts or angled tops to the draw fronts, with more draws underneath that will most likely have square tops to the draw fronts. These cost more money because they are fitted to the front of drawers. Which ofcourse have a draw and draw runners, including a carcass to fit the draws too. So now you have the angled doors/draw fronts and the draws and the carcasses to pay for. A three door/draw angled top wide under eves or understairs storage solution starts at 990.00 and goes up from there. The next most expensive understairs or under eves in the loft solution is pull out units. These will need to be professionally fitted as they are simply too complicated to supply for other fitters or customers to fit for themselves. But this option starts at 990.00 for a 3 door wide pull out unit upto 2390.00 for extra strength or extra deep pull out understair or under eves storage solution.
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Welcome to fitted bookcase, I have both a manufacture and fitting service available. Fitted bookcase can be both painted or stained, so feel free to inquire for your particular fitted bookcase requirements.

Fitted bookcase have worked out of a unit in Romford, North East London since 2007. I specialise in making and fitting bookcase;. My preferred materials are Oak MDF and Ply, depending on strength and design requirements. Lead times are usually 2 - 3 weeks. Prices are given on a job by job basis. You could view previous job prices: Example completed home library shelving job prices.
My address and contact details are:


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Why not take you own measurements and get guide price? home library shelving measurements 

Home and Office Cabinets and Shelving Installations

home office cabinets and 
shelving installations

home office cabinets and 
shelving installations

home office cabinets and 
shelving installations

home office cabinets and 
shelving installations

Current Greater London Area Coverage

HA7 Stanmore,HA8 Edgware,HA9 Wembley, Wembley Park, Wembley Central, Preston, Tokyngton, for MDF Fitted Glazed Units and Moisture Resistant MDF Fitted Glazed Units and Moisture Resistant Medite MDF Fitted Glazed Units this virtually eliminates the risk of shrinkage as moisture resistant boards naturally resist that very thing that contributes to shrinkage, which is swelling through damp and drying out due to summer or central heating. All delivered at the very lowest prices. All work guaranteed, and made to the very highest of standards.
Welcome to fitted bookcase. I have both a manufacturing and fitting service available. Fitted bookcase can be finished in virtually any colour, so feel free to inquire for your particular fitted bookcase requirements.
Fitted fitted bookcase have worked out of a unit in Romford, North East London since 2007. I specialise in making and fitting fitted bookcase. My preferred materials are Steal; Walnut; Oak; Birch; Mapel or any of the hardwood veneered MDF and Ply products, however when painting/spraying we will use MDF ply or pine depending on strength and design requirements. High gloss finishes both in the wood or paint finish are our speciality. Lead times are usually 2 - 3 weeks. Prices are given on a job by job basis so feel free to get your quote.
Why not consider turning your ideas for fitted bookcase into reallity using information collected here? Most people when thinking of making fitted bookcasefor their shelves or even the brackets themselves are torn between which materials to use and for what purpose, using solid wood and the ultra thin, usually high gloss, or pretend wood bought at some high street stores for the shelf is questionable, but obviously your limited when it comes to the brackets themselves. Well there is an alternative.
There are various stages that have to be followed for the making of the shelves.
Stage 1:
find the measurements of the shelves you require including the length width height and quantity.
Stage 2:
Here you'll need to decide on the materials, this can simply be a question of money or finish. I'll explain: Solid walnut/oak is expensive and requires lots of hard work to make it the right size and therefore fit but the finish will always be great regardless of it being painted or varnished etc. Or you could chose MDF which is much cheaper and also takes less work to make it fit and it's just as easy to paint and stain as walnut/oak. But ofcourse with MDF you run the risk that your shelf fail, due to excess loads. So walnut/oak is a cost=lose quality=win strength=win and MDF is a cost=win quality=win strength=lose. It would have to be excess loads that made a MDF shelf fail. So perhaps the middle ground is MDF with a strengthened core?
Stage 3:
The fitting or putting together of your project is next. This happens with either fixings are bought somewhere or by using fixings you've made. I'd recommend using iron rods when it comes to floating shelves and good glue and screws when it comes to hardwood bookcases.

Stage 4:
The fitting process is about preparation. First mark the position of the walnut shelf/bookcase.
Next level a line along the wall where the shelf/bookcase will be touching the wall.
Next drill holes where either the screws for the walnut bookcase is going or where the rods are going for the walnut floating shelf.
Next bang in your rods or wall raw plugs.
Next place the shelf/bookcase into position and with the walnut bookcase put the screws through the back of the bookcase into your prepared holes.
Next it is just a question of caulking or finishing of the seen edges that need a little filling to make everything look perfect.
However when it comes to the brackets in particular the methods used by professionals to fit wooden floating wall shelves with concealed shelf brackets vary. My methods have worked with some 1500 shelf installation over the last 3 years. Some refinements to my techniques were required in the early days, but this has left me with the information I'm about to share with you today.
The mistakes that all my apprentices make in the begin are probably much in line with most hobbyists in the beginining with their attempts. So by highlighting on one hand what's best to avoid and on the other best practices I'll be helping to avoid some of the common pitfuls/shortcuts often attempted by beginners.
Every trainee has upon hearing the instructions has proceeded with their much improved version of the instructions, this I believe is because, they cannot believe it requires that much accuracy just to fit some shelves! It is this reality check that is needed by almost everyone.
With this said, what you will learn to do eventually is...
1). level a line where the supports are to be fixed.
2). for 12mm threaded rod, use a 10mm masonary drill bit, and drill a hole into the wall in a position that fits between inbuilt supports inside the shelf.
3). hold the drill so that once the hole is complete, you could push a 10mm rod into the hole and place a level along the length of the rod, so your level looks like its sticking out of the wall like you would want the shelf to do.
4). now you'll notice the bubble in the level, either showing that the rod needs lifting or droping to make it level. My advice here is to drill the hole to start with so that your rod/levels bubble will need lowering.
5). this is the perfect position, having your rod needing to be lifted is the worst situation to be left with in regards to fitting rods for shelves. It is much easier to tap a rod down to almost level then it will ever be to try and tap one up!
At this stage you now have the most important information that makes the biggest differance to shelf installs.
The next most important is that each hole along the wall remains within 1-2mm in height of eachother, and I really do mean with 1mm to 2mm tolerance, violate this rule and you'll be doing it again.
Next is checking that all the levels between the rods are as about perfect as you can get, and use the level by laying across all the rods in differant directions untill your perfectly satisfied that the bubble in the level is not rolling side to side by even a bit. Levels already have a builtin tollerance and don't need you to assume that a little movement is fine.
I hope this helps? Drop me a line if any other factors arise that I've neglected to mention.

You could view previous job prices: Example completed home library shelving job prices.
My address and contact details are:


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Welcome to part and full time carpentry and joinery jobs in London. Why not drop me a line and I'll explain what's available? Mark
Welcome to carpenter foremen jobs in London. Why not drop me a line and I'll explain what's available? Mark.